Time Theory

Time travel is it possible? Yes and no :) As scientist, linguistic psychologist and other wise human beings explore this independent dimension, allow me to share an application of it. (not many people see it as a dimension which can be Useful).

In counseling, conversations and even self talk, many moments are spent on describing and analyzing ‘Past’ events. Our thoughts are not limited to ‘Travelling’ back into Time. hence we are able to talk, think and even experience these ‘Past’ events. A lay person may not acknowledge this as Time ‘Travel’, as Albert Einstein has introduced ‘Theory of Relativity’.

So let’s assume for now, mental time travel is possible from a relative point of view :) Hence this opens the possibility of our thoughts being able to move from the ‘Past’ to ‘Present’ to “Future’ and vice versa. In other words, our state of mind can break the barrier of time. Therefore, the following skill is to use ‘Time’ as a tool to support each other in many aspects (Student Engagement, Employee Engagement, Solution Focus, Improve Concentration…and yes, Time Management)

The application of time which I am proposing is as follow:

1. As we spent time and action (hence fort known as ‘Energy’) talking to each other or to self (hence fort known as ‘Conversations’), begin to notice which Time Period (Past, Present or Future) the conversation is on.

2. Once you have gained an acute sense of which time period the ‘Conversations’ are in then you are able to tabulate how much ‘Energy’ is spent on each Time Period.

3. Once you feel that you are clear about the amount of ‘Energy’ spent on each Time period, begin to notice how much ‘Power’ you or the speaker of the ‘Conversations’ has in different Time period. (Power = The ability or capacity to perform or act effectively, this ability also influence the mood you are in and eventually the emotions and thoughts you be processing).

4. Gestalt Theory (a highly proven and effective theory) will contest that the only Time period, as a human being have is the ‘Present’. In addition, Post-modernism theorist would assert that the ‘Future’ also has more ‘Power’. Therefore, you next goal is to ‘Travel’ to these 2 time period.

5. Practice makes perfect. Start using frequently questions like: Present – “What can I/we/you do NOW…?”, “What am I experiencing NOW?”… Future – “Where do I/we/you want to go from here?”, “What do I/we/you intend to achieve in the end?”…

Our mind will often dismiss this but it is important you practice the steps, as it is how many counselors, coaches and leaders used to move self and people forward in life.

Now that you know… Use it :) – Wisdom is knowledge being used.

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