Preset Radio Station

An old Bendix radio.

Everyone knows that for a relationship to work effective communication is important. However how often parents and teens listens to highly disruptive radio stations in their heads.

Here’s what I mean. Our minds are like radio station to ourselves. FM1 may be our usual and comfortable channel that we always play. This station may be the channel that continues to sing hit songs such as “They never listens” -Carrie Underwood, “How many times must I repeat myself” and “why bother talking” – PINK, “I yell because they never listen” – Eminem. “Leave me alone” -Michael Jackson.

Then occasionally someone, perhaps a professional counsellor or a communication coach would come by and recommend to you FM2, which plays songs such as :”I will stand by you” – Celine Dion, “Loving our differences” – Chris Allan, “Everything will be alright” – Black Eye Peas, “We can fly together” – R.Kelly.

The unfortunate thing about Family Conflict is that both parties (Parents and Teens) knows that FM2 is more effective, but its just too difficult to change the PRESET radio stations. FM1 is played more often day after day.

You know you can do it!
Nicholas Wong

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