Pre-designed Workshops

A. “How to influence people around you by increasing your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)”

* This workshop begins with a FREE talk on the above topic.

* Module 1 will covers the fundamental of EQ and also helps participants to understand the process required to achieve greater EQ.

* Module 2 will ensure the participants increase in their existing EQ levels and the opportunities that have been missed.

* Module 3 will invite participants into a new journey into their untapped EQ potentials.

* Module 4 Basic application and practicing greater EQ at work place, relationships and life.

* Module 5 will set up long term support systems for sustainable improvements.

B. “Using Counselling¬†Skills (Mediating) to enhance team dynamic”

* Module 1: SettingContext – Goal to achieve: Building relationship with participants

* Module 2: Soft Skills (Foundation Level) РGoal to achieve:Enable the participants to gain some basic counselling &  listening skills

* Module 3: Mediating Process – Goal to achieve: (Understanding the theories and concepts of the skill…eg Mediation


* Module 4: Implementing Skills – Goals to achieve: Test the participants ability to absorb and utilize the learned skills

End of 4 days training

* Module 5: Supervision & Support Mechanism – Goal to achieve: To supervise and ensure participants are competent in applying the new skills

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